Engaging, Encouraging & Equipping Women in full time ministry leadership.

With the constant demands of life in ministry, we feel it is vital to have someone pouring into and filling you so that your ministry can be done out of an overflowing heart. We are so glad you are here and hope you find friendship, a place to belong, and resources to keep you passionate about God's unique calling on your life. Stick around -- good things are to come!

About Us

Our goals.


Providing you with avenues to connect with women in full time ministry.
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Challenging you Spiritually so you can serve others out of a heart that is full.
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Offering a few “how to’s” and ministry hacks to keep things fresh.
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Our blog.

We believe that by sharing your story, your struggles and God’s successes, we get a greater understanding of who God is and His Holy character.

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