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Whether you are a pastor’s wife, a missionary wife, a crisis pregnancy director, women’s ministry director or any other full time ministry leadership position — Breathe Ministry is a place for you!

Serving in full time ministry leadership has so many ups and downs, doesn’t it?  You love people, pour into others, care for others Spiritually, but at times wonder if you’re actually cut out for the big job that is in front of you!  Feeling lonely and unqualified on a regular basis can leave you wanting to throw the towel in — BUT GOD….God is writing a different story for you. He’s called you to love, serve and Spiritually grow others….but who’s doing that for you? 

Having wrestled with these questions personally, God used the answers to breathe life into our vision and mission for who we are today!  Breathe Ministry exists to provide you, the ministry leader, a place to be heard, seen, and Spiritually encouraged. We want to walk with you, navigating the challenges and celebrating the successes!   God is using you, sweet friend, and we’re here to pour into you so that you can minister from a full cup!

Take some time to look around our site — see where you fit in! I’m so glad you’re here!


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As a pastor’s wife of 42 years I know the need for women in ministry to have a safe place and to be ministered too. Breathe Ministry is a ministry for those women to have a place for mentorship, encouragement and resources.


After 12 years as a pastor’s wife, and now traveling as a missionary meeting many families in ministry, the need for mentorship in the lives of pastor’s wives has been evident. The lack of opportunities for these women to receive encouragement has often resulted in loneliness and depression. Breathe Ministry offers refreshing resources to offer hope amid the daily struggles of life and ministry.


As a Pastors wife & Women's ministry leader, there are paths in my journey that no one else understands besides someone that has walked that path before. And during those times, I need someone physical & audible to lean on to know that I am making choices that are centered around Christ no matter how my feelings are telling me to feel. I am so very thankful to have crossed paths with Dayna & Breathe 4 years ago.


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