I carried my bucket of smelly kitchen scraps out back.  Watermelon rinds, corn cobs, banana peels, potato skins, a squishy pear, and some egg shells mounded high.  They were destined for the compost bin… the graveyard for yesterday’s unwanted foods.  They were destined to die.  To be forgotten.  When enough time has passed, they will transform… morph from food to dirt.  The dirt will be placed on next spring’s garden, where it will be churned, buried.  This transformation causes the decaying foods be turned into a soil, rich in life-giving nutrients.  Seeds will be planted.  And new life will grow, even flourish.

Sometimes I too carry around a “heart – bucket” of stinky, heavy, scraps.  Leftover scraps of life’s hurts. Life’s failures. Life’s betrayals. Life’s unwanted things.

The longer I carry them, the worse the stench becomes.  At times these heart scraps I carry become so heavy… and the stench so overwhelming, that I can barely breathe, let alone carry them any further.

But I know a Gardener, a Master Gardener, who is always willing to take my scraps.  If I will but release them to Him, He buries them. Dead. Gone.

And as the sands of time pass, He takes my hand and leads me to His garden.  He patiently shows me how He has taken…all my stench. My bitterness. My anger. My pride. My mistakes. My hurts. My loneliness.

…. and turned them into something RICH, capable of growing fruit, and much beauty.  All because I gave it to the Master Gardener….

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