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Everyone needs a few "how to's" and ministry hacks to keep things fresh! Our hope is that we can provide you with suggestions, insight, tried-and-true methods to accomplishing successful ministry, and resources for where to go when you are dealing with sensitive issues (tax info, retirement savings accounts, a child's sexual addiction, etc).


Training Module : PAUSE

We tend to pour out, encourage and admonish those we minister to in these areas, but we feel selfish, unable to justify the time (away from our families, ministries, obligations) to spend quality time and energy in making sure we are in a rested place rather then an exhausted place. The premise of this module is to actively apply Mark 12:30...”And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’This is the first commandment”.

We all need time to PAUSE from our lives, our relationships, our ministries to reconnect and renew our minds. Limited by our finiteness, God desires to draw close and pursue you, resulting in being filled, refreshed, and passionate. We were not created to live in the desert. We cannot sustain longterm demands of a desert atmosphere. So we pray that as we take this time to pause, to evaluate 5 key areas that influence our every day, that you would find the oasis to be real, a place of rest and refreshment.

We will slow down and take some reflective time to look into the areas of Physical Tank, Attitudes for Today, Unspoken Beliefs, Spiritual Zing!, and Emotional Reserves. No guilt, not another command we don’t follow or something we need to check off. In one of our sections we’ll talk about being connected to the vine and how that is more about what the Father is doing then our own actions to grow in Him. This journey is not about “doing” “accomplishing” “growing in number” “you willing your heart to change”. It’s about allowing God to remind you, to comfort you, to let you slump in your chair because you don’t have to be “on” right now. This is a time to be just you, frumpy, messy, scattered, impulsive, tired, weary, wanting, seeking. No one from your ministry knows you’re here! No one is going to see how you respond to this time together and on your own as you process the intimate conversations that you’ll have with the Father. This is not about you being a better leader, about you taking a course to “get healthy” again, to find your “passion” again — that will happen on it’s own. You have permission to step out of your “identity” and how you world has labeled you, to just be God’s daughter today!

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