During our time speaking to so many about Breathe Ministry, we noticed some common questions.  We thought it would be helpful to share them with you.  If you have a question that you don’t see below, feel free to email us and we’ll be sure to answer it for you.

Is there a cost?  There is no cost associated with becoming a member of the Breathe Ministry community.  In fact, we hope that encourages you to consider becoming one!

How many years have you been in ministry?  I, Dayna, have been in full time ministry as a pastor’s wife for 12+ years.  My husband served as a youth pastor right out of college for 2 years and an associate pastor of youth for 10 years.  Our bloggers have various years in full time ministry, but rest assured, we are coming at you with an experienced eye!  We won’t speak of what we do not know.

Who can write for the blog? Really, anyone who is a member, agrees with our doctrinal statement and is a woman in full time ministry leadership.  All blog posts will go through an approval/editing process before being published.

Who will benefit from Breathe Ministry?  If you are a woman in any type of full time ministry, you will find a place at Breathe.  In the near future, Breathe will have two tracks, one specific to pastor’s and missionary wives and the other to women in full time ministry leadership positions.  While you may find yourself fitting more in one particular track, both tracks will follow the same goals of engaging you with others, encouraging you in your faith, and equipping you for better service!

What about women pastors?   Breathe Ministry is evangelical in doctrine. Please take some time to read our doctrinal statement.   While we acknowledge that some denominations have women pastors and other positions that are in line with pastoral care, Breathe Ministry holds to the belief that the Biblical position of elder/pastor is specific to men.

Do you have counselors that can be called?  No. Breathe Ministry’s vision is to be a resource for you.  We will have recommendations for counselors and other services, but we will not act as if we are qualified in an area that we are not. We leave that to the professionals!

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