Life Coaching

What exactly is life coaching? Life Coaching is a relationship between a client and a coach that helps the client get from where they are in life today, to where they believe God wants them in the future. Good life coaches are cheerleaders, focused on the clients best interest, and ask intentional questions. Life coaching is focused on the future and how to get there. A life coach is not a counselor, therapist, and does not have the same training as such.

Dayna's thoughts on how

life coaching & ministry collide


“Ministry presents so many unique situations and challenges. Whether you thought you knew what you were getting into or you feel completely unqualified to lead others, we have all felt inept and awkward at times.

While serving with your whole heart in ministry, do may find yourself longing for something bigger, something more? Maybe there is a dream God placed in your heart that hasn’t gone away. Maybe you are in a transition in life/ministry and wrestling with all the changes and how fast they are coming. These are reasons someone might benefit from life coaching.”


Life Coaching Packages

Package 1

5, 30-minutes sessions for 150 minutes
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$12 8

paid monthly

Package 2

5, 45-minute sessions for 225 minutes
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paid monthly

Package 3

5, 60-minute sessions for 300 minutes
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paid monthly

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