Your Closest Family – Part Two

Your Church Family 5.27.15Kate finishes up Part Two of a two part blog post about the church body being like family. 


[The church family] should be the best examples of Christ on this Earth.

But as I said earlier, people are people. People can be jealous, selfish, and petty. People can be two-faced, people can be proud, and people can be dramatic. I’ve run into church members who are so opinionated it’s frustrating, who are so worried about everyone else’s lives that they are the biggest gossips I’ve ever known, and those who are not shy about waving their wealth in people’s faces.

We are all a Fallen people living in a Fallen world.

Maybe some of you are in a church that is full of people who you just really feel like you couldn’t consider them family. Maybe your church is afraid to get close to the pastor’s family because they think that the pastor’s family is unapproachable (if only they knew how much we wished they wouldn’t do that, right?). Or maybe you’ve been hurt by so many different people in the church that you are just exhausted (family can be exhausting too, can’t they?).

My encouragement is to find someone in the church that you can develop a good relationship with. Maybe find a mentor, someone who can guide you. Or maybe find someone that you can mentor, someone who you can help with something they struggle with. Since you spend so much time there, as your husband is there as often, or more often, than he is home, I encourage you to build at least one of these relationships. And you don’t have to tell everyone in the entire church your whole life story. But you should find someone, or a few people, who really have your best interests at heart. People who really do love you and care about you. Because life in ministry can be tough, and if you pile on things that happen in our private lives as well, and you can almost guarantee the stress and anxiety will be making an appearance. And sometimes, we are going to need the people who are physically there at the same time as we are to be able to help us. Family is a wonderful gift that God has given us, but if you are like my husband and I and all of your blood family is either far away or not believers, then God will provide you with another family; your brothers and sisters in Christ where you and your husband are serving.

Be encouraged. God always places us where we need to be, surrounded by the people that we should be surrounded by. God will use them to help us in our walk, as well as use us to help them in theirs. God wants us to be able to build one another up so that we can serve the world around us better. And best of all? These people also love Jesus, and if we all have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, we know that God will use us and help us through all of life’s journeys.



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