When ends don’t meet

Ministry and Finances

Hebrews 13:5

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I would say that my pastor-husband and I were never really super focused on making a ton of money.  It never seemed we focused on having an overflowing savings account, a luxury car, name brand clothes of our family, or a beautiful lavish home.

We were on a pastor’s salary.  We were not living high on the hog.  In fact, in our early years our financial discussions went more like this: “What do you think honey, should we buy diapers this week, or food?”

All joking aside, it is no secret that sometimes being in full time ministry makes the perfect situation for us to trust, daily, for our financial needs.  It usually means shopping consignment, clipping coupons, and even sometimes driving a jalopy.  But with this opportunity to trust, we also have an opportunity to find contentment and what it means to be a good steward with what we do have.

In order to be a good steward and a content ministry wife, the Bible does not say how much I will have before I start working on this. We need to weave this into our hearts…

           1.  Be wise with what we do have and

           2.  Find ways to bless others with our resources.

While we didn’t have much money left at the end of every pay period, my husband was always giving his time and resources.  We worked to use what money we did have to stretch as far as possible, but when it was all gone, we had a choice to trust.  Trust Him and focus on what other resources we could use to bless others and do His work.

I’m sure you have examples of God’s providing in the middle of your scrimping and saving.  Maybe it’s something you’re living through right now.  Let me encourage you by referencing Hebrews 13:5…”I will never (italics mine) leave you or forsake you.”

So while it’s frustrating when you can’t make ends meet, remember to focus on what God has already given, make wise choices with what you do have, and find ways to bless others with your resources.


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