3 Reasons to motivate you to create healthy boundaries! Breathe Ministry

3 Reasons to motivate you to create healthy boundaries!

1. Healthy boundaries shows our commitment to loving people like Christ does! 

Healthy boundaries aren’t just for our own benefit. They show people that we are truly committed to being healthy and in balance. For example, we don’t set rules and standards for our kids to live by because we want to control them, do we? No! We teach our children boundaries for their own well being, to help them grow and be healthy. This same concept is true in any relationship. So we love others well when we communicate clear and enforceable boundaries. 

2. The end justifies the means..which makes it worth it! 

While it may be hard to enforce boundaries with certain people, being firm and convicted will present them with a choice. This choice of abiding by God’s boundaries or dealing with the result of a broken relationship can sometimes be what makes a person more aware of their unhealthy behavior. But let’s be honest, holding to our convictions and God’s healthy boundaries is hard! It takes strength to deal with a strained relationship, but the pain that is in the here- and-now is worth a repentant heart. 

3. Healthy boundaries grow our faith! 

Having healthy, God driven boundaries isn’t a small feat. God’s standards for how we live, treat others, and work are high! Adopting those boundaries and trying to live them out is a constant act of obedience. There are times when we just don’t know where to draw the line. When we search God’s Word and ask for clear direction — our faith grows! Therefore, we learn we can trust God with our struggle and lean on Him to help. When people are unhappy with our choices, it’s God who lovingly reminds us why we needed the boundaries in the first place. He gives us peace when other may be disappointed in us. 

In the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about boundaries and why we need to have them. Therefore, as I’ve studied God’s Word, I’ve made a list of observations about how good boundaries can really bring us closer to Him: 

  • 1. Boundaries always look like God.
  • 2. Boundaries bring balance.
  • 3. Boundaries grow our faith and show a deeper reliance on God.
  • 4. Boundaries offer both parties a choice to be healthier.
  • 5. Boundaries clarify expectations, limits, and responsibilities.
  • 6. Boundaries protect us.
  • 7. Boundaries allow God to define who we are in Him.
  • 8. Boundaries remind us that God has an order for life.
  • 9. Boundaries sometimes feel hard and costly to implement.
  • 10. Boundaries always make us more like Christ! 


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