4 Areas to Assess your Boundaries in Breathe ministry

4 Areas to Assess your Boundaries

4 Areas to Assess your Boundaries:


This is the first area of boundaries most of us think about.  This is often the one that is the most stressful to navigate too.  People’s thoughts, feelings, comments, and expectations of us sometimes cause us to act outside of what we can handle.  That’s why setting a boundary buffer is helpful!  Instead of letting people decide for you how to respond to something, take some time and ask the Lord to reveal what exactly makes you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or unsettled in a particular relationship.  Then, back that line up. Ask yourself, “What can I change now to keep me one step back from feeling that way in this relationship?”.


We all know that when you are in ministry, people tend to book up YOUR schedule before you even can say “No thank you!”.  When this happens, wisdom and confidence are your best tools for declining an opportunity that you’ve been assigned to.  But sometimes we are weak in the area of time/energy management, and we allow other things to fill our schedules.  Maybe you relax by binge watching your favorite show when there’s a few items you could get caught up on.  Or maybe you like to sleep in a little later then you should (young mom’s, I’m not talking to you right now!).  Or possibly you get lost looking on Pinterest for harvest decorating ideas (totally talking to myself right now!) While those dishes and laundry are piled high.  All these things indicate a look at your boundaries re: time management might be helpful.

Material items

Like you, I want my home to be a place of peace and calm for my family,. I want it to be a safe place for ministry to happen.  It’s easy to get caught up in needing my home to look a certain way, decorated with the most beautiful things from Home Goods or Kirklands.  But sometimes, my budget and my time doesn’t allow for me to follow through with my vision.  Take a look at how much you need to purchase that next item.  Is the cost and the hunt to find the right one worth being stressed out?

  Need to Achieve 

We all are created with a God given purpose.  How many of us though, blur the line with living out what God has designed us for vs. creating our own godly “tasks” that we need to achieve?  I say this with love and caution:  Some of us are caught up in the cycle of accomplishing things, crossing tasks off the list, and achieving goals.  Our pursuit to show worth by “doing more” can be addictive and strangle us at the same time.  God designed us for work that brings us to life and Godliness…not death and godlessness.  What place are your tasks, goals, and accomplishments putting you?  


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