5 ways to be grateful

5 Ways to be Grateful in an Entitled World

In a world that tells us we need more, more, more, it can very hard to be grateful for what we have. As women in ministry, or women in general, it can be especially difficult not to compare our lives to other leaders, wives, husbands and friends. 

Here are some ways I have learned that make me more grateful. 

  1. Prayer. Asking God to simply change our hearts and it is very hard to have a bad attitude, when you’re spending a lot of time in prayer.
  2. Reading The Bible. Its also very hard to have a bad attitude when you’re constantly filling your mind with truth, love and Jesus. 
  3. Thinking of the cross. When was the last time you really stopped and thought about what God did for you on the cross? Jesus, God incarnate, died the most brutal death recorded in history, so that we could have a relationship with The Father and spend eternity with him. How incredible is that? “Thank you” is far from enough. 
  4. Volunteering. Helping others can be very humbling and a lot of the time, helpful for you to have a more grateful heart. 
  5. Visiting another country. I live in The United states, like many of our readers, and I desperately want to see the world. But the main reason I feel like I need to visit another country, is to see how little other people have and how grateful a lot of them are. 

Thank you for reading. Lets practice these steps together this month. 


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