White Space = Slower Pace

Penciled In 2.2.15

I have a confession to make. If you really know me well then this will be no surprise to you.

I love office supply stores!

I love everything about them…the myriad of colored pens, beautiful empty planners, trendy notebooks, highlighters galore, and binders of all different sizes and styles. I love every inch of those beautifully stocked shelves that offer the hope of an organized and stress free life.

Want to know a really deadly combination? Office supply stores and PINTERST. Any white space on my new calendar could easily be gobbled up by searching “organizing tips and tricks” boards and planning how I can work them into my life.

Wouldn’t you agree that we all have a part of us that gets lost in the hope of an organized life? Isn’t there something beautiful about the thought of being able to manage our calendars and have time to spare (without feeling guilty)?

Sometimes it can seem that ministry has its own #2 pencil that writes in our planners where we need to be and what we need to be doing. It can feel as if ministry dictates the amount of obligations we are committed to without even bothering to check with us.

I find myself in a constant state of checking what’s on my plate and asking God what needs to come off. While this can be a hard balance to find, I want to encourage you to form the habit of checking with the Lord quarterly about what is on your plate.   Here are some suggestions for you to prayerfully consider and talk over with the Lord:

  1. Time spent with ____________ is most important to me. You can fill in the blank with 4 people/groups (i.e. my family, women’s Bible study, my best friend, etc).
  2. The area of ministry I most enjoy is___________________.
  3. My spiritual gift is in ____________________________.
  4. Am I serving in an area of ministry that I am gifted in and enjoy?
  5. If I had white space on my calendar, what would I put in it?
  6. I am getting _____ hours of sleep a night? Is this enough?
  7. Do I have any time to do the things I am uniquely designed to enjoy (creative outlet, musical outlet, gardening, connecting/fellowshipping)?
  8. What is on my plate that I really don’t enjoy doing?
  9. Is there any way to tweak what is on my plate to move in a direction of less?
  10. Am I keeping my plate full to cover something going on inside?

These questions are only intended to start the conversation between you and God during your quarterly meeting. They won’t solve the problem of ministry pencil marks in your planner, but they are intended to help you prayerfully figure out what God desires for you.

Now, before you do one more thing, go pencil in that quarterly meeting you need to have.


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