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A Cold Drink of Water

Encouragement is like a cold drink of water to a thirsty soul. Everyone needs encouragement. Some more than others but every volunteer needs to be encouraged. So as leaders we need to find creative and purposeful ways to encourage our volunteers. One way to do this is to celebrate them.


Celebrate the little stuff. Celebrate the big stuff. Find ways to celebrate what your volunteers do and who your volunteers are. But not every volunteer is the same or feels appreciated the same way. Not every volunteer likes the end of the year banquet. 😉

Here are a few ideas to celebrate you volunteers

By your Words.

You can encourage your volunteers by telling them how proud and thankful you are of them. Text, email or tell them in person what a great job they are doing. Be specific. Praise them in front of others and leadership. Tell them how important they are and that they are needed on your team

By your Touch.

When appropriate give them a hug, shake their hand, fist pump them or slap them on the back. Don’t make it awkward but find a way to show physical touch. Even a gentle arm touch with a kind word can go a long way to encourage them.

By your Equipping.

Make sure you know what your volunteers need to do their job. Then equip them with what they need to do it. Get them training, send tips to make their volunteer experience better, purchase all their material and needs for them to do their ministry. Help them physically be ready to succeed in their ministry.

By your Time.

Make an atmosphere for feedback. Really listen and understand their feedback. Meet up for coffee or lunch. Take time after a ministry finishes to catch up with them. Have quarterly meetings to communicate victories, changes and vision. In other words, spend time with each of your volunteers and invest in them.

By your Gifts.

Right away, make a budget for celebrating with gifts and food. Yes this is when the end of the year banquet comes out. Lol Be creative in showing appreciation to your volunteers. Get them something that is encouraging, fun and wanted. 

We all need a cold drink of water for our thirsty souls. So make the time to supply that cold water through constant and creative ways of pouring encouragement into your volunteer. 

As we leave the month of April where we learn how to encourage our volunteers, we move forward into May talking about summer ministries and family activities. How great is it that we can have a whole summer to celebrate and rejuvenate our volunteers.

~ Colleen
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