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A Friend knows the Song in your Heart

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”  

I pass this phrase in a white glass frame hanging in my hallway every morning on my way to the kitchen. It encourages me every time I pass it. There have certainly been times during my ministry here in Chile that a friend has provided this for me; a redirection of my heart song.  God reveals truths to me about Himself through the friends that I have both here and at home. It is so important to have a good friend support system in the ministry

I’m Okay!

As a single woman in ministry, my tendency is not to bother anyone with my struggles. I keep the need I have to be encouraged to myself; like I would be bothering someone to share. However, there’s always that one friend that God leads to contact me, the same friend every time, and who doesn’t believe me when I say that I’m okay.  I want to say this to you, if you find yourself lacking in healthy friendships, I urge you to start putting yourself out there to meet some new people.  

Here is one strategy that I am going to try. I am going to begin a women’s Bible study in  my home. It can obviously start with ladies that you already know but include friends of their friends that you can connect with. It is hard to be lonely when you have a network of friends who reach out to you on random occasions. If you don’t form and strengthen your friendships then that loneliness will continue.  

The Family of God can be found anywhere

Find like minded friends who “get” you and understand your struggles.  If you pray for this, God will direct you to them! I prayed for this even before I arrived in Chile and I have been able to form a wonderful friendship with the mother of one of my high school choir students.  She is also a teacher at the school where I am a missionary. As she was leaving my apartment a few days ago, she expressed to me how much she cares for me. God knew I really needed to hear that. I hadn’t planned on creating relationships like this with those outside of my mission organization but the family of God can be found anywhere.  

Whatever ministry you are in, be on the lookout for those you connect with and then cultivate those connections.  God has brought me through sadness, heartache, personal struggles, frustrations, confusions, fear, and hardship. He has done this by specifically and strategically using those precious women whom I have the honor and privilege of calling my friend.  My Friend knows the Song in my Heart.

~ Angela

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