A Need to be Real

I want to be Free 2.24.15

One thing that I have been wrestling with lately is the need to be real. I find that it’s hard for me to be true to myself and who God made me as I fill the role of ministry wife. I seem to get bombarded by the ideas and expectations that are out there, to believe, act, trust, and look a certain way. It seems like much of my struggle comes with inner thoughts of who I truly am verses who I’m expected to be.

Maybe I’ve made some of it up; maybe I only think people expect me to be a certain way. But it often seems too dangerous to be any other way but what I think they are looking for. Let’s be honest, would it really be acceptable if I shared my lack of faith to believe in God’s goodness? Would it be welcomed for me to confess that I was struggling with respecting my husband and even sometimes felt bitter towards him? Would it be safe for me to bear my heart about the anger I feel over our financial struggles? I would like to think it would be safe, but the screaming voices inside my head stop me from finding out.

This concept of wanting to have a place to be real keeps coming up. More and more conversations with women in ministry reveal a vulnerable spot in our hearts that yearn to be free from having to cover up our true struggles. And why can’t we be a mess? Why can’t we say that we doubt; that at times we’re not even sure what we believe anymore?

Maybe you are wrestling with some of these very thoughts. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. What is filling you?
  2. When was the last time you had an encounter with Jesus?
  3. What way do you connect most with God?
  4. Are you running on fumes?
  5. Who in your life is building into you?

You might be in a dry spot, but you do not need to stay there. God wants you to be real, to know that you are safe with Him. He also wants you to be healthy. That may mean you need to be fed spiritually, find time to be alone in His Word, allow a friend to speak loving truth into your situation.


Pray hard for Him to reveal His desire for you in your situation.

Let Breathe help! Send us a message; tell us what you’re scared to tell others. You won’t find judgment here. You’ll find understanding and acceptance.

Breathe is working now to make sure that you can experience more of Christ at our annual “A Day to Breathe”. God is laying the groundwork for a powerful time of encountering Jesus. Need a spring in your step? Plan on joining us in the Fall.\


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