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A Quick Way to Gracefully Decline

One of the most common issues I hear about is women finding themselves doing things in  ministry that they don’t feel like doing, don’t have time for, or don’t feel is in their skill set. Yet,  they still agree to it.  They need a quick way to gracefully decline.

Practicing a few quick responses with the equation below will take the sting out of having to  disappoint someone, relieve the anxiety of having to say No, and will use your position to grow  others! 

It’s as simple as A-B-C! 

A. Appreciate and Acknowledge the request: 

A simple acknowledging statement will ease  the person into hearing your response. Something like, “Wow, thank you for thinking of me for  this.” Or “That’s really sweet that you thought of me for this”. Nothing more. Simple  appreciation and recognition that your name came to their mind for a specific thing sets the  stage. 

B. Bravely decline

This is where you have to practice and expect disappointment. After all,  they see you as the perfect person to head up the underwater basket weaving women’s event.  Doesn’t matter that you can’t weave! You know right away that you’ll need to decline so  practice in your head a few quick ways to say no. Saying, “Unfortunately, that’s not something  I can commit to at this time.” “While I would love to help, I’m sorry, I can’t”. “Thanks for  asking, but I’m not able to take that on right now.” 

C. Choices — offer choices. 

Use your position of leadership and leverage other options for  them to consider. Are there other women that are just waiting to be asked to help? Is there a  woman gifted in crafts that might want to take the challenge on? Your Spiritual glasses and  knowledge of your people will be your best tool to enhance and encourage growth.  

It looks like this, “Thank you so much for thinking of me! Right now, though, I’m not able to  take any more on. Have you considered Susie Q for this though? I know she loves to weave  baskets! She might love the invitation to help!” <Exit Stage Left>.  

Think about your most recent uncomfortable struggle in this area…work through the A-B-C  equation and see how the outcome could change for the positive.  May next time you remember a quick way to gracefully decline. 


Want someone to work through the A-B-Cs? We have mentors here are Breathe Ministry that would love to pray, support and even practice the A-B-Cs. Sign up today at www.breatheministry.com/mentor/

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