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This Season of Change

This Season of Change

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

For those living in the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner!  Summer often means longer, lazier days, and lots of time to make memories with the family.  But it also means a change in schedules and responsibilities, including in our ministries.  Sometimes these changes in routine can be a struggle.  How can we make the most of this season of change that  God is giving us?

First, realize that every season is a gift from God.  

I thank God often for the changes in seasons, because it is a reminder of His great faithfulness to me.  The seasons roll around year after year, like clockwork, because our faithful God ordained it so.  How much more does He show His faithfulness in my life!

Second, realize that seasons do not last forever. 

 If summer is a more challenging season in your home or ministry, accept that fact, but know that it will eventually come to an end.  Then, embrace the change, and make the most of it!

One way we did this when our children were younger was to chronicle our summer on a large, blank calendar poster, like the ones used in school classrooms.  Each day, each child wrote and drew in that day’s blank square something that he did that day.  At the end of the summer we had a beautiful, creative, and memorable reminder of that particular summer.  This could also be done as a family, with each member taking turns at filling in a square.

As summer approaches, ask God to give you grace to face–and joy to embrace–this season of change!

~ Terri

Breathe Ministry is a para church ministry that exists to engage, encourage, and equip women serving in full time ministry leadership.  We aim to provide Godly, Scriptural based training, mentoring, and life coaching.  Want to read over our Statement of Faith?  Click here.

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