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A Time of Babies and Blessings

Being a pastor’s wife, I have had the joy of experiencing many, many blessings from those in our church’s congregation. We have served at three different churches and now are in the process of looking for a new one. I can look back to see the goodness of God in the way that he took care of my husband and I, and eventually, our first child. It was a time for babies and blessings.

One of the more moving memories I have, happened just after we had announced to our church family that we were expecting our first baby. We had waited until about eleven weeks, until we were out of the uncertain territory. We wanted to  know that both the baby and I were healthy. It was received with much enthusiasm. The blessings came soon after the announcement. They gave clothes, blankets and booties.  But perhaps the biggest blessing came from some of our newest friends, in the form of a crib and matching changing table.

Anyone who has had children knows just how expensive the preparations can be, especially for the first. While my husband and I were both employed full-time, everyone knows that ministry jobs do not often pay as well as other full-time professions. Money has always been rather tight. We knew we would be able to afford the things we needed for our baby. But if we were smart, looking at second hand items or perhaps avoiding name-brand things that we did not need. 

The biggest concern, apart from a good car seat, was the crib. 

Enter our friends Alicia and Seth, who without knowing our financial struggle, came to us with the offer of their son’s crib and changing table. Their son had long since outgrown them, and they were just sitting in their attic. 

I remember standing in their kitchen, watching my husband and our friend Seth carry the parts for the crib out to our car, and just being utterly moved by their graciousness. Then I thanked her with tears in my eyes, which is no small thing. I do not cry in front of anyone. Not even my husband if I can help it! I could feel God reaching out to help us care for this baby before we even knew she was going to be a she! 

God’s goodness

I realize that material gain is not the most impactful demonstration of God’s goodness. But it came when we needed it most, and it humbled me deeply. I hope that I, too, can someday help a young mother in the same sort of way. Hopefully, I can give a blessing to her that Seth and Alicia were to my husband and I. Maybe she could have a time for babies and blessings in her life.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


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