A True Helpmeet in Ministry

A Helpmeet in MInistryShortly after my husband was called to his first church, a commissioning service was held. Fellow pastors came and encouraged him in ministry. One gave a charge to the congregation and another gave a charge to him.

I was particularly interested in the charge to my husband that came from1 Timothy 3. I’m sure I had read those words before, but now they related specifically to my husband! I paid close attention as the speaker emphasized each quality that should be present in a pastor.

There are 15 such requirements given in this chapter, but my mind kept focusing on the fact that I could help my husband accomplish some of them.

  •  The husband of one wife – I certainly would do my part in making sure our marriage was solid and growing.
  • Hospitable – Reality told me that this would be largely my responsibility. Having an ‘open door’ policy would fall on my shoulders, I would be the one that would need to have a home prepared to receive anyone at anytime.
  • Not a lover of money – I knew my tastes and desires would need to fall in line with our ministry. If I focused on material things, I could easily drive my husband to be far too concerned about money.
  • Manage his own house well – although my husband is the head of our household, I play a key role is determining the climate of our home.       How well I do my role in our marriage and family directly influences how well my husband can do his.
  • Have a good reputation with outsiders – I would need to conduct myself in the church and in the town in a way that would promote my husband’s good reputation.

Although I wasn’t overly involved in formal church ministry at first, I knew that I was standing on the sidelines helping my husband be the best pastor he would be. God used that time to grow me and use me for His purposes.




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