Fine Tuning Your Core Values

My prayer for you this past week has been that you were able to find more of Jesus, crawl into the safety of his protection, and sense inexplicable peace while everything around us has been changing.

Let’s wrap up this month by finishing out our series on how a mentor can change your life!

About three years ago, I found myself juggling a schedule that was almost completely dictated by everyone else. So I’d wake up early to get everyone out the door with all of their items. Work consisted of completing someone else to-do list, while evenings were filled with a church schedule that was handed to me.

I was spinning my wheels and draining my energy buckets in record time.

This was the perfect time to reach out to a mentor to share my struggle. I struggled because my true desire was to be a present mother, a serving employee, and a faithful church worker. But nothing, nothing was filling my heart. My mentor affirmed the internal struggle I was having and gently made helpful suggestions.

Do I decide to grow and serve others (which deep down I wanted to do) in my current situation


Do I decide to make some hard decisions to remove some things (and chance upsetting and disappointing others) and move to a different situation?

Core Values. I wrestled with how to satisfy the conflict between two core values.

A mentor can help you fine tune your core values, support you through decisions, and hold you accountable for executing your best next step.

When I talked to my mentor and had her listen without an agenda, it really helped me define what I was most struggling with. Isn’t that how a lot of our struggles go? We deal with things that are handed to us by default, that aren’t within our skill set, and leave us feeling empty or inadequate. Therefore when my mentor listens it gave me great peace and direction which helped sort through my internal conflict.

You, too will find that a mentor is such a practical solution created by our Jehovah Jirah. So when you find yourself spinning your wheels…find yourself a good mentor!

Please, please, I plead with you to consider who you can start a mentorship relationship with. It will change your life!


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