Actions of Love, Part 1

As we all know, children learn by example. So, we as parents, grandparents, and even great grand parents will pass the baton to the next generation through our actions. The topic of concern: What are we passing on? Are we passing a clear understanding of what love really is to our children; or a dulled version of what Jesus taught to his disciples? In order to pass on a clear understanding of what Jesus taught about love, we must first understand God’s love ourselves, but also apply His love to our daily lives as an example for our children to imitate. Imagine if Jesus only told the disciples how to love, but they never saw him apply those words. I bet the disciples would have a pretty skewed view of what love really was meant to be because without example, words really cannot show love, because love is a verb, an action.

Right after Thanksgiving, my Papaw passed unexpectedly. It was hard for my family to take in the reality of losing him. See, he was our example. He was able to live up to the standard that Jesus set for him. Was he perfect? No. But, he showed his family the love that Christ showed his disciples. I know how incredibly blessed I was to have Papaw as a living example of unconditional love, an example most people never see in their lifetime. This is why it has been so hard for me to imagine my life without him here to tell me or show me what to do. Although I miss my Papaw, and the love he showed me, I still have something that is in-fact even better, the word of God.

One thing I recognized after my Papaw’s death, was that I had the urgency to step up and be more like Christ than ever before! The legacy my Papaw left behind must be passed to the next generation. In order to do that, I must evaluate where my heart is, and what I am teaching my kids through example about God’s unconditional love.  It didn’t take me long to realize I had a long journey ahead.

…to be continued

Join us for Part 2 this Friday as Amanda shares what she has learned through prayer and Scripture that will help pass on how to practically love others well!

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