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Admonish Mentor Program Pt. 3

How does the Admonish Mentor Program work? 

So by now many of you have seen us share about our new mentorship program. You’re probably wondering how exactly it works. Today we’ll share the process for how to get matched up with one of our mentors. Which will start you on your journey through this ministry life together! 

The Admonish Mentor Program offers 3 months of one on one mentoring specifically with your needs in mind. We provide you with an experienced mentor to help you navigate the ups and downs of ministry life. Our mentors are trained to listen, be a sounding board, pray with and for you, and offer encouragement in your ministry situation. 

Once we open registration, you will visit our website at Then, you will see three tabs at the top, simply click the one titled “mentoring”. On this page you will find profiles of each of our active members. 

Four Steps to sign up

  1. Read through the profiles of our mentors and decide on 1-2 you might like to work with. 
  2. Fill out the basic information requested in the link provided. 
  3. Receive a followup email within 1 business day confirming the status of your mentor. (Due to case-load size, some mentor’s status may be “inactive”). If your mentor is available, you will receive some additional forms and an invoice. 
  4. After you pay your invoice, you will receive a call from your mentor to get started. 

During your first call, your mentor will introduce herself.  During this call, she will share a little about her life and ministry experience. You’ll then get a turn to share a little about you, your family, ministry, and anything else you want her to know. You’ll want to have your schedule with you as you will be mapping out a tentative schedule of when you will meet together over a virtual meeting hosted through Zoom for the next 3 months, every other week. 

Our mentors will listen to, pray for, and pour into you! So start praying now for the Lord to reveal to you if this is the time for you to connect with us!  We’re ready and waiting to hear from you! 



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