Breathe Ministry Mentor Admonish Mentor Program

Admonish Mentor Program

2019 proved to be such a great year for Breathe Ministry. If you follow us on FaceBook or check out our blog often, you’ve probably not noticed much change. But, change, there has been. 

We started last year with a brand new board who passionately jumped in to help lead and direct our future steps. Together we worked through refining the how of our mission and what it would look like if we could tangibly pour into women in ministry. 

Within the first quarter, we knew offering women in ministry the chance to have training, mentoring, and life coaching could change the face of what life in ministry could look like. Our desire to engage, encourage, and equip can now be done through these channels. 

It is with excitement that I’m so happy to announce our Admonish Mentor Program! Women like you, serving in full time ministry, how have a chance to be poured into by an experienced, well trained mentor! Finally, someone who gets the unique challenges of being in ministry full time. 

We are currently giving away 6 FREE weeks of mentoring to 5 women. Click the link below to submit your request and on January 15th we will announce the winners on our FaceBook page (be sure to LIKE it).

Be sure to join me on Mondays here on the blog where I will share key elements to the Admonish Mentor Program! I’m excited for what’s ahead and you will be too! 


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