An Authentic Friendship

We all have different personalities, ways of doing ministry, direction, purpose…the list could go on. I am a dreamer. I love the big picture and I love to believe it is possible! This is a beautiful quality given to me by the Creator of the Universe – someone who loves the big picture!!

I have been very blessed in ministry to have many dear friends come alongside me and guide me. One in particular I am very keen of. My husband. God knew I would need him for more reasons than just ministry but I have found his friendship particularly helpful in all my pursuits of serving God. God knew I would need a practical mind to balance my sometimes-naive optimism. He is an incredibly moral, truth based, precise, and logical man. This has given me great protection as I pursue ministry. I can often be carried away by an idea, a beautiful big picture, that I believe wholeheartedly is possible by God! The problem is, not all my ideas are what God wants or intends. Without great care, in the midst of big dreams, the enemy can gain great room to make a move and so sometimes I need some practical adjustments. Sometimes someone to just tell me no. Since I love to dream what could be, I often want to run off and start making it happen. I want to run ahead before I have waited patiently at the feet of God to hear his direction.

Not only does my husband have a keen awareness for what is practical and what is fanatical but he has taught me so much about the small things. God is equally in the small things as well as the big dreams. Without small things, a big dream wouldn’t be possible. However, you don’t need a big dream to have a string of unending pearls of small things. My husband and I often joke about something I told him once when we were dating as teenagers. I said, “You make me so much younger.” And it is true. He reminds me that having fun is as delightful to God as an intense pursuit of serving. He reminds me that doing a good job at something you don’t necessarily love is as beautiful as finding the one thing in life you were meant to do. We all need someone to speak balanced truth into our lives.

We need friends doing ministry alongside us or doing life alongside us that speak truth into our ministry. We need people around us who will keep us grounded or help us believe anything is possible. We need people to remind us of the small things and the big things. We need people because God designed it that way. He designed us for community and love and to be parts of a body that all work together and help each other.


“There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ.” 2 Cor 12:12

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