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Being Present in Friendship

Yesterday my son’s very good friend committed suicide. 

At 16. 

They were texting the night before, making plans for breakfast together just 3 days later. They joked about who was the worst baker, and she teased she would bring burnt brownies to his funeral some day. 

Oh the Irony. 

Our home is fragile as we navigate this “too close to home” time and this mama’s heart is breaking, if I’m honest. Watching my son attempt to make sense of unanswered questions while experiencing the world’s harshness for the very first time is gut wrenching. 

How do you console in these times except to just be present? To physically stay in the same room and just listen to the silence together. This is exactly what his best friend, who lives thousands of miles away is doing. 

His friend was coming. Flying in the very next morning actually. My son’s best friend was booking a flight almost as soon as he heard. His friend said he wants to be there with my son at the service. 

He was Coming to be Present

In the shower this morning as I praised and thanked our Father for this generous gift of friendship for my son at this time, my thoughts wandered over to David and Jonathan’s friendship. A friendship that understood what it meant to be present — no matter the situation, and one that we all deeply crave! 

David and Jonathan were both leaders. They both held influential roles in their lifetime, and both understood the unique dynamic of living in a fishbowl. If it was possible for them to find this kind of friendship, the good news is, it’s possible for you too! 

Friends, do not believe the lie that because we are in ministry we aren’t able to have close friends. God made us, especially as women, to relate. Relating to others makes us dynamic, complex, and able to minister naturally. It’s one of our feminine trademarks! 

We are not healthy when we are not relating to others. 

Let’s guard our mind against what Satan tells us. It IS possible to have close friends —we just needs God’s wisdom in HOW we build those relationships. 

Do you feel lonely in ministry? Maybe you believe it’s the sacrifice you must make to do God’s work. Don’t settle for that — if David could have a close confidante like Jonathan, we can too! God has someone in mind for you, let’s start praying today for that nudge to realize who it is. 

Not sure how to take those next steps in finding that friend? Maybe consider some time with one of our mentors — they are ready to walk with you as you seek God’s face in this area! 

We at Breathe Ministry love you so very much. Know that you are prayed for! 

Warmly Dayna 

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