Being thankful even when it’s hard

One Good Thing 11.30

November is all about being thankful!  A thankful heart is the first step towards a content heart.  But what about when we struggle to give thanks?  What about the times we are so discouraged or battling something so big that being thankful seems to be a struggle?

There are times that life is hard and we are going to have to work towards trusting our situation to the one who knows best and start to actively looking for the blessings.

I remember being in 7th grade and my year in school just stunk!  I mean, it was really a doozy!  For some reason, the administration felt it would be a good mix to put prepubescent kids with a perimenopausel teacher.

On an average day we had tears, mood swings, confusion, chaos, and overall hormonal delirium.  We were a mess and no one wanted to enter our classroom without chocolate and a good sense of humor.

I struggled that year, every day.  I cried myself to sleep every night, wrestled to understand what the teacher wanted from me, felt out of control and at a loss.  Every. single. day.

My mom’s advice, and the only thing that got me through, was this:

“Find ONE good thing about today”.  

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Look only at today.

This is what it looked like in my 7th grade life:

Day One: I’m thankful the day is over.

Day Two:  I’m thankful today is pizza day for lunch

Day Three: I’m thankful I didn’t have a lot of homework.

Day Four: I’m thankful my teacher didn’t spell out another spelling word on the spelling test she was giving us which made her start crying out of embarrassment, which stopped a teacher that was walking by, who yelled at us for upsetting our teacher.

Day Five:  I’m thankful it’s the end of the week.

Day Six: I’m thankful that I had two days off.

Day Seven: I’m thankful I got a good grade on my homework.

Day Eight: I’m thankful we have youth group tonight.

Day Nine: I’m thankful my mom has helped me figure this “thankfulness” thing out.

Day Ten: I’m thankful that God has given me a good school, crazy teacher and all!

So maybe my 7th grade was a bust!  Maybe I don’t remember much about my grades, my friends, or my latest crush.  I do remember though, that my mom taught me so much about overcoming tough situations and being thankful in those hard situations that could have caused bitterness.

Maybe you, too, can only focus on one good thing today.  That’s ok…start there!  It’s a good place to be.


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