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Bible Study Review: “The Red Sea Rules”

Bible Study Review: The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times by Robert J. Morgan

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”  Exodus 14:14, ESV

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of a problem or situation in your life?  Ruefully, with the status of the world these days, that is almost a rhetorical question!  Robert J. Morgan, in his little book entitled The Red Sea Rules, provides ten rules or strategies based on the Israelite exodus from Egypt in Exodus 14-15 to help navigate tumultuous and uncertain times in life.  It is a small book that packs a big punch!

Beginning with realizing that God means for us to be where we are and ending with not forgetting to praise God, this book reminds us to be more concerned with God’s glory than our relief and to keep our eyes on the Lord at all times.  Prayer is an integral factor, helping us stay calm and confident, allowing God the time to work in His own unique way.  Robert encourages us to take the next logical step of faith when unsure of our next step, envisioning God’s enveloping presence and viewing our crisis as a faith builder for the future.  These ten sound strategies help us learn how to move from fear to faith as we face the difficulties and challenges that God allows in our lives.

The Red Sea Rules is a small, easy-to-read devotional book. 

The latest version includes study questions.  On Morgan’s own website ( there are study guides and small group bundles available, as well as a Spanish version of the book.  Life is hard, especially for Christians.  The Red Sea Rules reminds us that God will make a way for us.  If He leads us in, He will most certainly lead us out…but in His time and in His way.

“You made a way through the sea and paths through the deep waters, but your footprints were not seen.” Psalm 77:19, NCV


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