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Blessed with Peace

Peace in the Chaos…this is a lesson I feel like God has been teaching me over and over again!  I feel like my seven year old exemplifies this best! My daughter can be in a playroom that looks like its been hit by a tornado and be at total peace, while her mom struggles to function when things are out of place.  If we are all honest, we struggle when we are not in control of what is going on around us. Only God provides the peace in the storm.

We are all comfortable trusting God with all parts of our lives when things are going well, but when life throws us into one chaos after another, we start to wonder what is going on and if God sees us.  I mean, we know that He sees us (after all, we are in ministry), but we wonder if He truly “sees” us. I have always taken great comfort in Luke 12:7 in the fact that God knows the number of hairs on our head and he cares for me much more than the sparrows, but I can think of one time when the chaos seemed too large for me.  About 7 years ago, my husband was sent to Cairo, Egypt on a business trip. He’s been all over the world for work, and I’m usually able to cope, but this time was quite different. Egypt had just gotten a new president, and there were violent clashes and protests in Cairo. The U.S. Embassy closed three times for safety reasons in the few weeks that my husband was there, and I did not have peace in the chaos.  I couldn’t understand why the large company he works for wasn’t bringing him home. They were not in control, and Egypt certainly had no control. At that point I retreated to my comfort zone. I started a home project that was bathed in prayer and singing “The God of Angel Armies” over and over. There have been many times in my life that I have been reminded that I am not in control of anything. I can, however, take ultimate comfort in the fact that the one that is in control, is by my side.  He cares about the tiny sparrow, and He cares for me so much more than that.

As I get older, and my kids get older, I find it easier to recognize the peace in the chaos.  We find this when we are working in the ministries God has called us to. Ministry is fast-paced and chaotic, but if we are working where He has called us, there is most definitely peace in the chaos.  Let’s be grateful for the chaos he has called us to, and know that He is most definitely in control. Psalms 29:11 is a perfect verse to cling to in these times. “The Lord gives strength to his people, the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

~ Jen: 

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