Blessed. This word confuses me. It’s used so liberally that I feel it’s lost the the breadth and depth of what it was supposed to be. While I don’t want to pick apart the word or anybody who uses it, I do want to look at the heart of it.

Sometimes I feel that if Facebook users wrote the Beatitudes, it might look something like this…

“Blessed are the those who have, because nice houses, fit bodies and beautiful children will make great pictures that will get lots of likes.”

“Blessed are those who are always happy, and surely never struggle with marriage, parenting, or self-esteem.”

I could go on. If you are like me, you’ve seen other’s lives and noticed how “blessed” they are. To be on the other side at times makes me feel a little less blessed and then I get this whole worldly perspective on why God hasn’t blessed me like He blessed THEM. Thus begins the pity party. It’s ugly.

But thank goodness for His Word. Matthew 5 talks about the “blessed are the” being those that mourn, are meek, are humble, are persecuted…. It’s a little different!

Blessings are not external gifts that I experience today. Those are simply gifts. Blessings are the intrinsic result of humbly submitting to God and allowing ourselves to being used, formed, molded, pruned… FOR HIS GLORY… and experiencing the joy that only comes from knowing you’re in His perfect hands. The externals at the time may look completely different from gifts- they may come in the form of trials or grief or struggles- but there is something bigger going on that God is in control of- and that is the blessing.

The more I live life and talk to others who live life, it seems that the circumstances of the world swirl around us. The joys and sorrows and challenges come at us from every angle all the time. But finding that peace in the middle of it all, where God invites us to rest and trust in Him- there is the blessing. Those circumstances and THINGS that make up our days- they impact us based on our perspective. They can chip away at our soul, make us cynical or bitter, or suck the joy out of our life. Or we can choose to surrender the THINGS to God and let them force us into the loving arms of Christ where nobody and no thing can rob us of the peace and joy and LIFE that He intends for us.




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