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Blessing in the Form of a Few Good Men

Building a house is not for the faint of heart.  Building a house in a foreign country, hiring out only the structural work, and figuring out how to do the rest yourself is even harder.  We are very aware of the sacrificial giving on the part of many, which God uses to allow us to be serving Him full-time.  So when we moved a couple of years ago, we quickly realized that the best stewardship of our money was to buy land and build a house.  There are many reasons that I won’t go into, but we knew it was how God was leading. We also knew it would not be a quick and easy task. But God brought us a blessing in the form of a few good men.

The local builder built our structural work. It was not always as quick and productive as we would have liked.  There were many times when we felt discouraged.  When a couple of our supporting churches asked if we would be open to work teams coming down to help, we felt a bit sheepish since this was our house we were building, not a church or a seminary.  Both churches, however, insisted that these men wanted to give of their own time. They wanted to give their abilities to be of help and encouragement to us.  We gratefully accepted.


We could never have anticipated just how hard these men would work.  The first team was made up of 4 men, all with building experience.  Additionally, we had a young couple from the capital come down, and a local missionary pitched in, as well.  They worked from morning to night, with smiles on their faces and facing constant “surprises”.  The builders still working on the outside of the house were flabbergasted by how hard and how cheerfully these men worked.  When asked, the men simply responded that they were here because they wanted to help and they wanted to encourage us.  For the locals, that was unfathomable.  Who would give of their time and money that way?  What an amazing testimony it was.  The second group was made up of 3 men and they also worked tirelessly for a week.

Forever Thankful

Now that we are in our (still unfinished but very livable) house, we often reflect on what a difference those work teams made.  If they had not come, we probably would not have been moved into our new house before the pandemic hit.  We look at the many details they worked on and comment frequently on what a blessing they were.  God knew that we would need not only the expertise of these men, but also their encouragement.  At a time when we were feeling overwhelmed, – when ministry, daily life, and building a house were all colliding, God sent us a tremendous blessing in the form of a few good men.  And we are forever thankful to them, and to Him.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I Thessalonians 5:11


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