Blue Skies

As long as I can remember, one of my favorite Christian singing groups has been Point of Grace. I remember being so excited whenever they would release a new album because their songs were filled with such encouragement. As I would listen, I always felt God’s presence flow through their music. One particular song they released is called “Blue Skies.” To summarize, this song talks about how we all have days of gray and doubt. Sometimes it seems like we are not going to be able to make it through, but despite the gray, God is over it all. He is our blue skies.

As I apply this song’s principles to life in the ministry, there are and will be gray days.

Days when unnecessary conflict arises between church members.

Days when a faithful congregation member passes away after years of service to the church and community.

Days when a teen from the youth group is in a tragic car wreck with which the doctors are certain she will lose her leg.

Days when an expected baby arrives early and has to be placed in the NICU for several days with an unknown outcome.

Days when… We all have our own “Days when…” We might not be able to understand why these things happen, and I cannot answer that either. However, the good news is that God is our blue skies. If we allow Him, He will carry the “gray” for us and exchange it for a joy that only He is capable of providing.

If you are currently in the midst of a “Days when…,” continue to trust in the Lord, and find comfort knowing your blue skies are coming.


Lyrics to Blue Skies

Blue Skies On days of gray When doubt clouds my view

It’s so hard to see past my fears My strength seems to fade

And it’s all I can do To hold on, ’til the light reappears

Still, I believe though some rain’s bound to fall That you’re here next to me And you’re over it all

Lord, the sky’s still blu For my hope is in you

You’re my joy You’re the dream that’s still alive

Like the wind at my back And the sun on my face

You are life You’re grace You are blue skies You’re my blue skies

When nights are long Seems the dark has no end

Still we walk on in light of the truth For waiting beyond Where the morning begins

Is the dawn, and you’re mercy anew

Oh, to believe we’re alive in your love

There is so much to see If we keep looking up

You fill the heavens with hope and a higher love

A picture, a promise for life

Songwriters: STONE, ANGELA / BRIGHT, DAVID VINCENT Blue Skies lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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