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Boundaries in Ministry

Every day we find ourselves in situations where people ask us to lead something. They ask us to attend  an event or work a ministry. And we just don’t know how to decline.  We need boundaries in ministry.

Boundaries in ministry leave room in your life to prolong your energy, creativity, and service.  The more boundaries you have in place to keep you healthy, the greater the chance is that you will be able to serve in ministry for the long haul.  

We’re seeing all over the news these days of pastor’s that have stepped down because the  burden of ministry is just too much. We feel the strain and wonder if it could have been  avoided. Boundaries in ministry allow for greater overall health.  

Here are 3 statements you might have said that would indicate you may need to reevaluate  your ministry boundaries and re assess your commitments. 

1. Even though I don’t feel qualified to do XYZ, I can do it until someone better comes along. 

Don’t get trapped in the thinking that you should meet a specific need until someone else comes along. That person may never come and you’ll be stuck  committed to something longer than planned. 

2. I know there is no one else to do it, so I will do it.  
3. God calls me to serve so I should do XYZ because he asked.

Remember that you  have been called to serve yes, but not meet every need. Knowing your strengths and what  gives you life will help! 

Remember that even Christ did not meet every need He was faced with. God has wired you to embrace the work of ministry. He also wired you for rest, time with Him, and soul care. What  area of ministry might need better boundaries for you? 


Giving our Best Yes can be really hard. Having a friend that helps us say “No” to ministries or requests that you know you should not be doing, it so great. Our mentors here at Breathe Ministry are that kind of friend that can come along with you to determine what should be your “Best Yes”. Check out our Admonish Mentor today at

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