Finding Healthy Boundaries in Ministry Life


This last week I went into our classroom to help my lead teacher set up a socially distanced classroom for 6 autistic non verbal first graders. The challenge of making sure they would be 6 feet apart at all times was intimidating. We spent hours moving bookshelves, tables, cubby units into position giving each student a “home”. Partitions, clear plexus glass, and make shift DIY borders will be put in place in the days ahead. 

In essence, we had to put boundaries in place to keep them safe and healthy. These partitions will allow them to know where they’re world of function is, where they’re allowed to be, and what they’re allowed to do within those boundaries.

 The same is true for us when it comes to boundaries. 

Boundaries…it’s the topic for us as women in ministry leadership for the next several months. Together we are going to figure out why we struggle so much to put healthy boundaries in place with the people in our world…our ministry audience, our children, our bosses….our husbands. It’s probably one of the biggest struggles we all deal with. 

We wrestle with saying “yes” to things we should really be saying “no” to. 

Saying “yes” to things like: 

Letting people come over anytime they have a need. 

Agreeing to run or work a ministry that is not in your skill set. 

Attending ministry events out of obligation and expectations. 

Here’s the good news — We’re going to help you! In the weeks to follow we’ll be sharing vital information and resources that will make it easy to know and communicate your boundaries! Stay tuned for some amazing stuff to come!!


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