Bring Them All on I love Them Breathe Ministry

Bring Them All On I Love Them!

What a blessing when a friend, our church or a ministry shares different bible studies that we start up in our life. So many recommendations have blessed me, helped me grow in my faith and just plainly helped me through difficult times. I am so thankful for the recommendation and always welcome them. I am always looking for a good bible study or a good book. A good recommendation is life giving. Bring them all on, I love them.

Ministry Blessings

Another blessing is when you get to participate in a bible study with friends or other people. When you can learn together God’s word. I love getting together with other women weekly to encourage, learn and grow through the bible study we are doing that month. 

I love when you see women find hope, forgiveness, grace and many other things that God gives to each of us. Also it is so wonderful to see when all of sudden their eyes are open and they understand what a verse says. I know every time I get what the verse says or see it in a different light, I absolutely love it!!!!

My Blessings

We go into November, sharing the blessings God has brought to each our bloggers in their ministry through the years. There are many times God has sent blessings into our lives that have changed our lives, given us hope, blessed us greatly and provided for our needs. 

I have been in ministry since after college. As we all know you are rolling in the cash when you start our in youth ministry. So it started with one need in our house. We need new winter coats to get both our young daughters. Then a week later someone asked if they could give us some of their older daughters’ clothes. We gladly agreed and found two winter coats with gloves and a hat. We were ready for the Pennsylvania winters. 

Lastly I love when others share the blessings that God brings into their lives to help them become more compassionate, to make better choices, to have hope or help them to step out in faith. So if it is a good recommendation or a wonderful story of a blessing, bring them all on, I love them.


We would love to hear your stories of how God has showered you with blessings in your life. Comment below with your stories or at our facebook page.

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