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Budget Friendly Ideas for the Kitchen Table!

This time of year is always fun for us crafters. For example, the inner crafter gets permission to come out and make  an appearance! Whether you consider yourself crafty or not, the following festive DIY gift ideas will make your season easier. You’ll be prepared to show your family and friends your love and appreciation. Here are a few budget friendly ideas for the kitchen table. Whether it be by yourself on a quiet afternoon or with the kids on a snowy day! 

1. Paint Chip Wall Calendar: 

You can make you new year super easy and organized. First buy a poster frame. Secondly get some paint chip cards from the hardware store. Lastly you can add a pack of colorful dry erase markers. In conclusion, you have a perfect gift for the organizer or young mom!


2.  KeyChain Chapstick Cozy: 

With a few simple stitches (or even hot glue) you can have a  fashionable keychain that holds a new Chapstick! Portable and quick, everyone will  appreciate this mobile reminder of your love and appreciation. Don’t like to sew? No  problem, simple use wide sturdy ribbon that has a pattern on both sides.  


3. A Set of Scripture Rocks: 

What better way to encourage others about God’s faithfulness than giving them a set of Scripture Rocks. Firstm find 5 or more smooth rocks. Then write out verses telling about God’s promises. Lastly use a brush pen or chisel tip marker to write the words on the smoothest part of the rock. After that package them up in a decorative box and include a personalized note.


4. Composition Recipe Book: 

First get a few pieces of decorative scrapbook cardstock. Then buy a composition notebook (cut in half at your local Staples or UPS store). Lastly this personalized recipe book is sure to please! Simply decorate the cover. Then add a few of your best recipes and wallah, your thoughtful gift will be cherished!  


5. DIY Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer: 

Whether Pre-Covid or Post, we will never outgrow the need for hand sanitizer. With just 2-3 easy-to-find ingredients, you can make your own  homemade version!


I hope you enjoy these budget friendly ideas for the kitchen table. There are so many websites out there to check out. They will give you step by step instructions to make fun and Merry gifts. Hope you have a great time crafting. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading scripture each morning to celebrate Advent with us. If you have not been able to check it out each morning at 9am, start today at our Breathe Ministry Facebook Page. Tell others that you know would enjoying Advent with us.

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