The calling is impossible without Him

All our effort to do things for Christ can exhaust us. If Christ came for freedom, to release the bonds of the captives (Luke 4:17-21), and we have the privilege of continuing his work on earth (John 14:10) we will quickly realize our calling is too big. The effort of doing this will literally crush us. If we take even a moment to think of the enormous need in the world… it’s impossibly exhausting to chip away at it. If we spend our efforts trying to be successful (for God of course) in our calling, we will find ourselves empty.

In this is the beauty of our calling. It is not meant to crush us, it is meant to bring us life. Because it is too big, it necessitates Him. He is the one that provides all the resources we need to accomplish anything in our lives for His glory. We can dip into the endless river of His resources and pour out as He directs. This way, we are not depleting ourselves, in fact we are being renewed each time, because we are being filled with the gifts of the Spirit each time (1 Cor 12:7) – we cannot leave that unchanged. Our effort is not spent doing His work, it is spent making time to be with Him so that we can hear His voice and know when to pour out His resources. If we are not listening, we will either try to meet the need ourselves, or we will pour out when He has not told us to.

He is the one that accomplishes anything, He is the one that brings freedom for the captives. We are not the saviors, He is… our effort is in being available to Him. And we cannot be available if we do not know Him, hear His voice, and know His heart. In fact, in His presence, He brings freedom and life to our souls so we can be His hands and feet. … The calling is impossible without Him. The calling will crush us, we will not last, unless we spend our effort in our relationship with Him, and He will spend Himself on the work.

Being in an Islamic country for 6 years, I am more aware of His patience to bring freedom. Many Muslims who have come to know him have stories of years and years of His pursuit, God speaking to them over a lifetime through many different people. He sends them dreams and visions, and miracles of truth – He knows, He sees it all, He will accomplish the work with patience, with endurance, without being crushed down. We have the privilege to be available for moments of blessing others with His gifts, we have the privilege of being filled over and over, being renewed each time, having endless resources, and the incredible privilege of hearing His voice as we move about our lives and He says, “this one, I gave you that gift for this one.”

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Gal 5:1


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