Calm in the Chaos – Part 1

For the month of December we chose the theme “Calm in the Chaos”. How fitting considering our Thanksgiving came earlier than normal this year, box stores have been aggressively advertising Christmas for over a month now, and we have 3 short weeks to tornado turn the house from a warm harvest feel to the Christmas wonderland everyone enjoys. Add into the mix extra church services, Christmas cantatas, Children’s programs, teacher gifts, cookie decorating, Black Friday shopping, wrapping of all those Black Friday gifts — whew! That leaves this girl exhausted before even starting! 

So the obvious question is — Is it possible to have a little calm in the middle of the chaos? 

YES! Here are 3 simple tips: 

Recognize the chaos early on!

Don’t allow it to cause you anxiety, rather let it prompt you to prepare! Sit down now and map out all the “to do’s”, all the “need to buys”, and all the “events”. Get a big calendar and start writing all the events down so you can see them in one place. On a another piece of paper, jot down what you need to get done to be ready for those events. I.E. “Little Susie needs new tights” and “Charlie needs a Christmas sweater”. Do this for all your events, filling up the “to do” and “need to buy” list as you go. Mapping things out and visually seeing the “chaos” helps ease the woe of it all. 

Plan your “calm” time now!

 Now that you’ve mapped out your “chaos”, it’s time to find your “calm”. Obviously your schedule is tighter than usual, so let’s think about the times you can steal a coffee and a candle alone. Will you wait for everyone to go to bed and read a little? Maybe you can reserve a night to wear your cozy socks, wrapped in a warm blanket and watch a movie. You may have to work to find the time, but if you don’t force yourself to slow down and do something you love, the season will be over and you’ll be grumpy taking all those Christmas decorations down. 

Get Help!  

When I say “get help” I mean, ask your family to share the load. It is not unreasonable for you to ask the kids to be part of the process when it comes to preparing for all that will need to be done. Obviously, tasks will need to be age appropriate, but enlisting the kiddos in cleaning, setting up, simple decorating, will help. Have conversations with family (even hubby) early on let everyone know it’s going to be “all hands on deck”. Playing music while doing tasks always makes it more bearable! 

What are other things we can do to find some “calm” in our chaos? List them below and let’s encourage one another with ideas and suggestions. 

Let me know how it goes! Email me at if you have another good suggestion and I’ll include it in my next post! 



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