Calm in the Chaos Part 2

We’re talking about finding “Calm in the Chaos” this month. 

This week I was reading through Luke 2. I would encourage you to take some “calm” time this week, light a candle, grab a blanket, and nestle into this chapter for a little. It is rich with different people/characters that acre living out the Christmas story for the first time. As I read through, I was struck by verse 47. 

Jesus is older now, around 12, and his growing desire to learn more about the law and his heritage caused a stressful situation for his parents. Joseph and Mary had already left with the caravan to head back home not realizing he wasn’t with them. They turned around, traveled a day back into town, searched for 3 more days, only to find him in the Temple. It’s interesting that before we hear his parents initial reaction, the Scripture notes, 

“And all who heard Him were amazed at His understanding and His answers.” Then they ask where he’s been. And of course we know His answer to be that he was in his Father’s business. 

You know what struck me? The kid just gets it! And everyone knows it too. Jewish law, his history, his future — as a kid, Jesus gets it ( I know, I know, he’s God). It made me look at my own kids though and ask myself, “Do they get it?” Do they get the big picture of how their life plays into the Father’s plan? 

How does this relate to the calm in the chaos? Well, Our #1 responsibility this season is to slow down enough to make sure our kids “get it”. While it may come naturally for some children, others may need it fleshed out a bit more. Some may need more conversation, more questions, more examples. Our biggest task is to leave enough room for those “calm” moments to happen naturally so we can be available to teach our children the bigger picture. 

This next week let’s make those hard decisions. The decisions that require us to say “no” to more running, so we can say “yes” to helping our children “get it.” It is our job to manage ourselves in a way that creates time, space, and conversation with our littles. 

Maybe your children are grown and moved out. Look around to those in your sphere of influence. Who may not “get it” that needs to? This is the message they need to hear… they were created for a purpose, they have a Father that only knows how to love abundantly, and He has a deep desire to know them! 

Find time to be still this week… 



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