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Calm in the Chaos – Part 3

10 Ways to get more Calm in your Chaos this season… 

1. While buying groceries this week, treat yourself to a favorite coffee, creamer, and new mug.  Plan a morning this week to enjoy a special treat! 

2. The next time you’re at a box store, peruse the water bottle aisle. Buy a new one that is only reserved for you! Keep that bottle filled with water as you run your errands to stay hydrated! Add fruit for added flavor! 

3. Do a DIY face mask or sugar scrub and then reserve time to actually use it! 

4. Start a fire, grab a cup of tea and read a good book! No fireplace, grab a weighted blanket, heated blanket, or cozy blanket instead.

5. Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a festive bouquet of flowers. Spend some time arranging the flowers in a vase and put on your night stand. 

6. Take a nap! 

7. Buy yourself a new pair of earbuds. Find a new podcast or listen to your favorite music as you knock out some chores. 

8. Commit to taking a 6 hour break from electronics. Let everyone know ahead of time that you are in “time out”. Put the phone down, close the laptop, and go about your day undisturbed. Imagine the luxury of having 6 hours all to yourself! 

9. Choose one closet to declutter for 15 minutes. Less to see is less stress to feel! You can do it! 

10. Color. Make a plan to stop at a craft supply store this week to purchase a new markers/ color pencils set. Use a coupon. Print a fun and creative coloring page from the internet and sit down for 15 minutes and just color. 

What other creative things can you do in 15 minutes that are cheap, fun, and will provide a little calm during all your running this season. Send your suggestions to I’ll include them in my next post! 



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