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Calm in the Chaos – Part 4

Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart. 

If anyone understood chaos it was Mary. 

She experienced all kinds of chaos before Jesus was born. 

Physical chaos as her young body tries to adjust and make sense of changing hormones, stretch marks, aching back, and swollen feet. 

Emotional chaos as she wrestled with what others would think of her, being young, unmarried, and pregnant. 

Mental chaos as worry and fear washed over her as she realized she was about to deliver her first baby with no accommodations available. 

Spiritual chaos as supernaturally the world was both welcoming and resisting the birth of King Jesus…and it was all resting on her. 

But in the midst of all Mary’s chaos, we see verse 19 which reminds us that it is possible to find calm in the chaos. 

There is a saying, “Control the things that you can, let go of the things you can’t.” So much was out of Mary’s control that she had no other choice but to embrace the moments right in front of her. 

What will you do this holiday to treasure and ponder the moments right in front of you? It is a choice we are all faced to make and one that our Father wants to help us with. 

Praying you and your family have a moment of calm this holiday to embrace who He is, all that He had done, and His lavish love for you! 

Merry Christmas! Dayna 

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