Casting your Cares Takes Effort

Casting Takes Effort 3.2.15

My husband grew up on a farm and when we first started dating he would say things, use phrases, or refer to tractors and I would just stare blankly at him. Farming was not the world I grew up in so it took me some time to understand all that went into running one. Many times when visiting him over break, I would have to ask, “What is that tractor called with the big thing being pulled behind it?” or “What’s the difference between hay and straw?” He would patiently explain the ins and outs of farm life so I could get a better understanding.

If you are familiar with farming in any way, you know that it is a perfect prep school to life in ministry. Many life lessons are had on the farm.

While I was teaching a woman’s Bible study in our second ministry, we came to the passage that spoke about casting all your anxiety on the Lord. Let’s read I Peter 5:6-7 together:

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your care on Him, because He cares for you.”

Being that this was a familiar passage, I wanted to make sure that I could help the women really capture this image of what “casting” means. This is where farm life helped.

I asked my husband to explain how the hay goes from the field to the barn for winter storage.

So, here’s how it works:

One person drives the tractor around the field, pulling the baler and the wagon with two guys on it. The main job of the two is to catch the bales launched at them from the baler and stack them on the wagon. Once the wagon is full, they take it to the barn. At the barn, one man gets in the loft and catches the bales that the two guys below are throwing up to him. It then gets stacked nicely for future use.

It’s the two guys on the wagon that I want to pay closer attention to. Close your eyes and imagine how hot it is in the middle of summer. The guys are wearing clothes that cover all parts of their arms and legs so they don’t get scratched up. They wedge their glove-covered-hands under the twine of the bale and heave it to the guy in the barn. Now it’s no small throw. It’s an all-in, no turning back, every muscle is working kind of throw. In essence they are “casting” the bale to the loft with all they’ve got!

I think of this word in light of what God tells me to do with my worries…cast them on Him…all-in, no turning back, letting it go with no intention of getting it back.

I think that’s what God wants…He wants us to cast all our cares on Him. In the middle of those worries, when the heat rises, grab your concerns and cast them at the foot of His cross. Go ahead, do it! With all you’ve got, heave your worries on Him…why? Because He’s got this!


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