Celebrating a Special Time of Year


Being a pastor’s wife has many different aspects. On one hand, we can feel like we live in a fish bowl, always trying to appease the congregation; on the other, we are one of the few ‘insiders’, we are involved in shaping the church and its personality. I count it to be a privilege to be pastor’s wife and see one of the advantages is the opportunity to be part of all the services at the church. I have several favorite services throughout the year, but one of my top three would be the Maundy Thursday service. Let me set the stage for the way our church commemorates this special evening:

The congregation gathers in the dimly-lit sanctuary while quiet music plays in the background. The service is opened by singing an appropriate song remembering this special time during Passion Week. The ushers escort groups of twelve from the sanctuary through candlelit hallways to one of the rooms that is set up for communion. There is no talking throughout the process, only time for quiet reflection. Once in the small room, the pastor or one of the deacons gives a brief devotion on the last week of Christ’s life and how Thursday fit into the whole picture. The group then has communion together and is escorted, silently, back to the sanctuary. Those waiting in the sanctuary listen to music and readings that enhance the time of reflection. The process is repeated until the whole congregation has had communion and the leaders have returned. The service is rather solemn and people generally leave without the usual after-church chatter.

I love this service. Since I serve as church secretary as well as being the pastor’s wife, there is always business to be done before and after services. At this service though, no one wants to break the silence; I can worship and reflect undisturbed. How wonderful to have the opportunity to seriously ponder the last week of Christ’s life before the hectic Easter weekend activities start. I find it a powerful time for me as I take time and reflect on Christ.

How about you? Do you have a favorite service at your church? Be careful not to get so caught up in the routine that your personal walk with the Lord suffers.


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