Breathe Ministry Summer Book Club Chase the Lion Mark Betterson

“Chase the Lion” by Mark Betterson

Do you ever have that nagging feeling deep in your soul that God has something big planned for you to do? I believe that every woman has a deep seeded dream that she feels God has made her specifically for. It probably is one that requires time, risk, investment, and vision. But what do you do when you can nail down what that yearning is for? 

The book, “Chase the Lion” by Mark Betterson walks you through that exact wrestle. For example, we desire to nail the job that we were made for. Maybe it’s investing in women with trauma, maybe it’s creating a safe daycare in your home to love on little ones, or possibly you were made to start a business to help provide for your family. Above all your Creator, God, has placed all those dreams in you. 

Mark helps navigate those thoughts and how to chase that lion! After reading this book, God led me to something but had no idea how to figure out what it looked like. I felt like a horse ready to be released from the gate, yet not knowing where I was running too. In addition, Mark said some things that were enough to help me take the risk, walk through my fear of failure, and start moving ahead! 

Check out some of these quotes that changed my thinking: 

“If you want God to do something new, you can’t keep doing the same old thing.” p. 63

 “A dream without a to-do list is called a wish list.” p. 63  

“Faith is taking the first step before God reveals the second step” p. 85

 “We live in a culture that idolizes success and demonizes failure. The outcome isn’t the issue in God’s kingdom. Success isn’t winning or losing; it’s obeying” p. 100  

“What is the life you really want, and the future God wants for you, is hiding right now in your biggest problem, your worst failure, your greatest fear?” p. 118 

So what nagging dream do you keep tucked away because you think it’s not worth chasing? Is it possible that God made you for that specific dream to be lived out? Chase that Lion! 

In short, Breathe Ministry would not be here today if I didn’t obey, one small step of faith at a time. So God made you with purpose! You can encourage those small steps of faith, and help you figure things out…consider reaching out for our one hour of free Biblical Life Coaching. I’d love to walk with you! You can reach me at

~ Dayna

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