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Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

OK, so I’m really going to date myself here in this week’s book review. 

I grew up when Steven Curtis Chapman was at the high of his career and songs like “I Will Be Here”, “Go There With You”, and “That’s Paradise” blasted on my portable CD player. 

Something about the words in his songs, during that specific time in my life, seemed to connect deep within me. I always felt like the words in his songs were able to say things I just couldn’t. 

So when his wife, Mary Beth Chapman, released her book Choosing to See I naturally was interested in grabbing a copy to learn more about them as a family, and read about their journey to healing after the death of their adopted daughter. 

If I had known how personal Mary Beth Chapman wrote, how authentic and raw she would release her words of pain and healing, I might not have attempted to read it all at once on a flight to Florida. 

Mary Beth opens by sharing how she and Steven meet, their growing life together and Steven’s music ministry journey. She shares about her family story. She begins with the sweet adoption of her girls. Then tells about the grueling event of when her son accidentally hit her daughter with the car. Unfortunately, eventually killing her. My shared tears of her journey of pain and healing flowed down my face. The person next to me in the plane was wondered whether to offer a tissue or turn towards the window. I was blubbering. 

I think they were as thankful as I was that they chose the window seat. 

If you want an easy read, authentic words of healing and faith, encouragement that tomorrow brings a new day and with it, new hope…please, please, pick up a copy of Choosing to See

You will be so encouraged and your faith restored in hearing Mary Beth recount. You will see how God turned her tragedy into blessing! 

Out of our tragedy, other’s can be blessed. 

Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “I Will be Here” came out of that tragedy. I have attached it for you to listen to it here to be blessed today! 

Oh! And pick up a copy and read it today! 


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