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Chrissy’s Favorite Books

I have become a recent fan of audible.  It makes books so accessible, especially with kids running around or trying to get things done around the house.  Two books I have read within the last year that have been so richly challenging are: Tattoos on the Heart  and Leadership and Self-Deception.  

Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle 

The life experiences of a Monk, who helped start an outreach to gang members.  He writes as if telling you little memories and weaving in simple yet profound truths about outreach to hurting individuals.  I found myself compelled with every story to hear more, understand better, and understand empathy and love as he does.  My husband happened upon the book on audible as well and found it equally compelling and deeply challenging.

Leadership and Self-Deception by Arbinger 

This book was such a radical book for me.  It challenged the way I think about myself and others.  This book gave me a new way of considering the way we approach one another and how we consider one another in our presence towards them.  It was so radical because it rang so precisely true in my experiences and inner dialogue. I find myself wanting to read it again to fully grasp the concepts. So that I can do the hard yet rewarding inner work of stopping self-deception and harvesting healthy clear and beneficial relationships.  

If you get a chance to read either of these I would love to know your thoughts on them, and if you found them as compelling and challenging as I did!

~ Chrissy

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