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Communicating Boundaries with Confidence

While we may not feel confident in expressing our boundaries to others, communicating boundaries with confidence can eliminate some of the uneasy feeling that we usually have. Here are 4 ways to share your boundaries in an effective and confident way. 

1. Be clear, direct, and SHORT in expressing your boundaries.

People don’t need a long drawn out explanation for why you have your boundaries where they are. They simply need to know so they can start accepting your answers.

2. Expect some form of pushback.

Pushback can look like disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, dismay, whining, arguing, or any other negative reaction people may express. Expect this early on BUT don’t fear it. Just like you are entitled to react to people, those you are setting limits with have a right to react. But remember, you are not responsible for their reaction. They may simply need time to rethink their reactions.

3. With a genuine smile, calm spirit, and steady voice, state your position or boundary.

Try to keep the interaction shallow, short, and simple. Less is more! Remember, you are not justifying your boundaries to people. You are simply trying to stand by healthy decisions you know will be best for you.

4. When at all possible, write your communication out through a letter, email, text, or media message.

When we have the time to craft a confident response it is easier to stand by it when face to face. Avoid the face to face interactions until you are confident and comfortable saying your boundaries out loud without wavering. Until then, map out how you will express your boundaries to someone and send it on it’s way!

Communicating boundaries with confidence helps us live a healthier life and have a better ministry. Try one or all four of these suggestions this week with your family, at work and within your minisity. See God began a good work in you.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6


It is so great when we have a friend that walks confidently with us as we serve others. Sometimes in ministry it is hard to find that friend that we can talk to about our hurts, frustrations, questions and struggles. The mentors here are Breathe Ministry can be that friend that walks confidently with you through life, family and ministry. Connect with a mentor today at

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