Encourage in Christlikeness


Over the last two weeks we have introduced the purpose, function, and vision of Breathe Ministry. As stated earlier, here is a brief overview of our vision:

Breathe Ministry’s whole focus is to breathe new life into the heart of a ministry wife. This is accomplished by providing avenues for women in ministry to Engage in Togetherness, Encourage Christlikeness, and Equip for Service. The avenues we use to engage, encourage, and equip are through an online community growing together through our blog, threads, resources, and one day mini conference, “A Day to Breathe”.

Do you know what the definition of “encourage” is? It can be defined as:

  1. giving someone support or confidence; supportive.
  2. positive and giving hope for future success; promising.

Sometimes we like to think of encouragement in the form of a compliment, a favorable opinion of us, or just a nice word. “You did a great job!” Encouragement is vital to our very core as women, and we blossom under the warmth of its words. It can bring back hope, heal a deep wound, or spur us on to try greater things. We all need it and we all crave it at different levels. Without encouragement, our lives would be dry and lonely. We need the support, love, and hope that encouragement can bring…especially when spoken from someone who understands.

Our goal at Breathe is to encourage you!   While we acknowledge that encouragement in the form of warm words is one way, we also believe that true encouragement comes from God’s Word and becoming more like Christ. Living in full time ministry subtly puts us in the spot of encouraging others to be more like Christ…so we want to be the ones to encourage you to be more like Him. Joy and hope come from the encouragement we receive in His Word and the promise that being more like Christ is what future success really looks like. There may be times when we ask the hard questions. We may put a thought out there that you have to chew on, wrestle with. With intentional thoughts, we want to make sure your heart is being fed!

So, you may hear a “You did a great job!” one day while another day you may have to answer the question, “When was the last time you spent quiet time with the Lord?”

Romans 15:4ESV

“For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”


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