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Recently we introduced Breathe Ministry to you and gave a brief overview of who we are. We laid out our focus in reaching women in ministry leadership and building into their lives through community, encouragement, and training. In review, here is our focus, our target audience, and how we wish to accomplish our core purposes:

Breathe Ministry’s whole focus is to breathe new life into the heart of a ministry wife. This is accomplished by providing avenues for women in ministry to Engage in Togetherness, Encourage Christlikeness, and Equip for Service. The avenues we use to engage, encourage, and equip are through an online community growing together through our blog, threads, resources, and one day mini conference, “A Day to Breathe”.

In the weeks to follow, we will look more closely at each avenue to provide a clear picture of our heart and direction for our future together. So, join us as this week as we look into what it means to Engage in Togetherness.

Have you ever found yourself wondering on a Sunday morning how you can be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ and yet still feel very, very alone? You hear the friendly conversations among the people in the foyer before service, and you see the warm hugs exchanged after service and yet you feel like no one sees you? It’s a hard place to be…you find yourself wanting to open up, to be completely transparent, share your struggles and life with others, but the position of pastor’s wife leaves you a bit hesitant. You know that it will never be completely safe to share EVERYTHING and so your relationships only grow so deep. It’s part of the ministry package.

Breathe Ministry wants to step in and help with that! We are excited to provide a safe way for you to connect with others in ministry without jeopardizing your current ministry and relationships.   Ministry provides its own set of unique situations. Learning how to live authentically while balancing the weight of others expectations or judgments is an arduous task. Finding others who are in the same boat, though, makes staying afloat so much easier! For the Breathe Ministry community, engaging in togetherness means freedom. It means being able to form friendships and build relationships with others who get it. Women need other women! We need to hear stories, situations, and experiences to feel connected. We need encouragement, to be better wives and mothers, to live more authentically before our Savior and in our ministries, and to be given permission to rest. Engaging in togetherness means we come alongside, share from life, form friendships, and grow together.

In our Engage section, you will find threads or conversations to join, ask questions, comment and encourage others.

Let’s grow closer to each other and our Lord by investing in each other and engaging in togetherness.


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