Ephesians 6:13

ArmorBefore I dive into what I have to share, I want to share a story with you first. Imagine a battlefield, where war never ends. Where there are fiery arrows being shot through the air, brilliant against the twilight sky filled with smoke. Imagine two soldiers on that battlefield. One is covered completely in armor, with both shield and sword in hand. The other, however, has nothing but his own two hands to protect him. What will happen to each of them when the attacks come to them? The soldier that is equipped and prepared will be able to deflect the arrows because his chest plate and his shield will protect him. His helmet will keep his head safe. His sword will slay any oncoming enemies. But what of the other soldier? He may be able to dodge the arrows for some time, but eventually, he will fail himself. At the end of the battle, who will be left standing?

Maybe some of you can guess where this inspiration comes from in Scripture. My husband gave a lesson to our youth group about the importance of memorizing scripture. He used Ephesians 6 as his jumping off point. When it was time for me to share with the girls in our small group, I explained to the girls that like my husband was saying, it wasn’t important to just memorize God’s Word. No, it was what memorizing His Word does for us.

The verses I was focusing on with the teens was verse 13, which states, “ Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Wow. This verse gets me every time. Every time I am going through something hard, where I am struggling and cannot see an end to suffering, I remember this. After it is all over, I will still be able to stand. How incredible is that? But why is that? How can we be sure when it feels for certain that we
won’t win, that our hearts won’t ever be mended, that losing this one thing or this person will certainly be the end of us?

The fiery arrows will do whatever they can to knock you over.

Here is where the choice is yours. You can choose to be either of those soldiers on the battlefield. You can choose to be the one without the armor, and can attempt to fight off the enemy, the world, and yourself single handedly. You can think that you don’t really need to rely on God and His Word to help you. Or you can be the soldier that is protected and guided and forgiven by the One who created you, the One who will never abandon or forsake you, the One who died for you so you could know Him. His armor, His love, His Word is the only thing that can protect us. It is only He who can guarantee that we will still be standing on the day of the evil one, whenever that day may be. It could be today for you. It could have been a few years ago for you. But those days will come again, and they will be fierce and relentless. Remember, the enemy’s only goal is to kill and destroy. But if you put on the armor of God daily, then you will always be prepared for battle, no matter when it occurs.

If you are in that battle right now, allow this verse to bring you comfort. You will still be standing at the end of it, because God Himself will get you through it, if you allow Him. I myself am in that moment just after a battle has passed, that first moment when you realize you are still standing. It was by God’s grace alone that I got here. His peace, His protection, and His strength. We must rely on Him if we have hope to make it through. He will carry you. He will be the one to shield you, the one to fight off the attacks. You may be the one in the battle, but you aren’t fighting it. The Almighty Himself is.

So put on that armor daily. Rely on Him, and He will be your ever present help in trouble. Our King is not only the ruler of all; He is a fierce warrior, protecting you and your heart from the enemy. There is no greater love story than that.


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