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Even God Took a Rest

“And on the seventh day, He rested”, Genesis 2:2.  So many times, we run 100 miles a minute until we drop, but even God took a rest.  

This time of year, as our family commitments and ministries are coming to a rest for a little while, we also take the time to rest.  We have done this rest in big and little ways.  Our family have had unforgettable European vacations, relaxing beach vacations, mission trips and  U.S. road trips.

We had an especially busy Upward Basketball season, and had just finished our tournament week, when Covid-19 brought all of our activities to a screeching halt.  The first week of social distancing was a great break for my family, but that quickly faded.  We all know that this year will look different, but my recommendation is that we look at this year as a great year to explore some of the more remote parts of the U.S. when looking to vacation, and plan the big trips for years to come.  Consider great getaways to white sand beaches in the gulf, or trips to mountain cabins, or it may be a great year to tour civil war sites.  If you’re not comfortable with a trip, plan some fun home project that you can include the whole family in, or renovate your backyard to be a private oasis.

And next year, dream big!  

Maybe it’s time to knock off that bucket list.  Some of my favorites are Spain, Hawaii, England, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Roatan, and my all-time favorite…Prague!  I’m dreaming of vacations in Greece, Malta, Ireland, and Scotland.  Whatever you choose to dream about, dream big.  It’s so good for us to remember that someday, we will return to normal…or we will find ourselves in the best destination ever!  We are only given this one life.  If even God took a rest, it is good for us to do the same.

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