Expectations that get in the way

Expectations that Get in the Way

What do we do when following God’s call doesn’t turn out as we expected?

We tend to feel as though when we follow His calling, the sure outcome is a good one. I don’t know about you, but unmet expectations can be very difficult to deal with. It’s one thing to acknowledge this truth, but it’s a whole other thing when you make big sacrifices only to come face to face with heartache, disappointment, and sorrows.

My husband and I had an experience when we knew clear as day we were following a call. The unlikeliest of circumstances led to this move that we became very excited about. See, we had a plan. We knew his “ultimate calling” but we had it all figured out that he needed x, y, and z types of experience before he stepped into his call. Can you tell the issue here? So excitedly we turned our lives upside down and followed the call. We had high expectations. And it turned out to be absolutely nothing we thought it would or should be. On the other side, I can say every moment of that dark and difficult time was absolutely worth it.

Why is that? Because God had an ultimate plan for that time in our lives and it was infinitely superior to our plan (imagine that). He used that time to mold us into exactly what we needed to be for the next step. It’s easy to focus on the disappointment, frustration, hurt and misdoings of other people during these times. That is exactly what our flesh wants to do. But I want to challenge you to reframe your thinking in these times.

Romans 5:3-5 tells us wonderful news:
Trials produce perseverance. And perseverance produces character. Character brings hope. HOPE that does not bring shame. 

When we can shift our thoughts from our hardships to the hope we have in Him, what a difference maker that is for our outlook. There is purpose in what we are walking through. We can sludge through the mud and come out clean because we use that time to draw near to Christ as we claim our full conviction that God is truly in control. If He did not have a purpose in this trial, then we would not be in it.

• Do you really believe that God is in control?
• Where is your focus during a trial?

Put all your trust in Him. Find peace that no matter the timing or the outcome, you will be fully present to learn His heart right where you are that day.

God is truly our hope to hold onto. He is our anchor in a storm. The anchor provides stability and prevents drifting. Without an anchor, we are thrown by the waves whichever ways they please. So, dear one, please stay anchored. The world tries to throw us around but God calls us to faithfulness to Him, who is ever faithful.


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